Історія Несті Данте

With Love And Care

Manufacture of Nesti soap is concentrated in one of the most beautiful places of the world – Tuscany province in Italy. Right there twenty years old Dante began to make soap in a small 50 l boiler in 1947. And just two years later Nesti Dante company was registered in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Florence.
Today Nesti Dante is one of the major soap manufacturers using classical soap boiling technology. Boiling process takes place in huge boilers (up to 120 000 litres) and lasts five days. After that soap shall settle and delaminates in three layers. Italian soapmakers use only the top layer, so-called "head", to make their masterpieces, and the other two layers are being sold to manufacturers of cheap soap.
Soapmaker profession is much respected in Florence and is handed down from generation to generation.
The skill is the ability to determine if product is ready by taste.
Due to combination of old technologies and innovative equipment Nesti Dante company experts produce perfect soap that contains fats and active herbal ingredients of the highest quality. Nesti's soap does not contain alkali, foams well and does not overdries the skin.
The words "With love and care" decorate each bar of soap. And Nesti Dante soap collections, created for the whole family, show love and care: soap collection for men with vegetable scents; baby neutral soap, formula for which was devised by the founder for his grandchildren; elegant collections for women (for example, Romantic soap collection).
Nesti Dante products can satisfy the most demanding tastes. Packing of each collection is colorful and unique, and Gold soap, that was made for company’s 60th anniversary, contains 24 carat gold, which increases the effect of effective components and leaves barely visible goldish veil on the body.

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