Nesti Dante Romantica - Cherry and Basil  Nesti Dante Romantica - Fiesole Gillyflower and Fuchsia  Nesti Dante Romantica - Lavender and Verbena
Nesti Dante Romantica - Wisteria and Lilac  Nesti Dante Romantica - Peony And Rose  Nesti Dante Romantica - Lily and Narcissus

Nesti Dante natural soap "Romantica"

Italian soapmarkers combined tender and sensual scents of Tuscany in the romantic line. Nesti experts put their souls into combination of two unbeaten bouquets present in each kind of soap. Romantic line soap contains essential oils and active vegetable components that help to keep the skin young. The line has six fragrances:
- Refreshing "Wisteria and Lilac";
- Sensual "Cherry and Basil";
- Dainty "Lily and Narcissus";
- Delicate "Lavender and Verbena";
- Unforgettable "Peony and Rose";
- Exotic "Fiesole Gillyflower and Fuchsia".

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