Nesti Dante Marseille - Red Grapes Soap  Nesti Dante Marseille - Lemon And Bergamot Soap  Nesti Dante Marseille - Pomegranate and Black Currants  Nesti Dante Marseille - Fig and Almond Milk

Nesti Dante Marseiles soap (Imarsiglietti)

Imarsiglietti sapone neutro di Marsiglia is neutral bar soap - Marseille. Original fragrance wafts from each soap bar, it gently takes care of your skin, giving it a true pleasure and peace of mind. After using the soap your skin becomes soft, smooth and silky. Handy packing let you enjoy its remarkable properties in full. Fragrances unpretentiously float in the air, imperceptibly stopping the time so you can fully enjoy them. Marseilles soap line has four fragrances:
- "Pomegranate and Black Currants";
- "Red Grapes";
- "Lemon and Bergamot";
- "Fig and Almond Milk".

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