Baby Soap Carolina e Edoardo Nesti Dante  Nesti Dante extra delicate Soap Carolina e Edoardo

Carolina e Edoardo baby soap Nesti Dante

Carolina e Edoardo is extra delicate baby neutral soap. Baby's skin needs gentle care and special attention, and Nesti Dante soapmakers approached creation of baby soap with all due responsibility. This absolute masterpiece of soap making come into being under the great supervision of specialists. The basis for the soap is boiled for four days according to old formulae. These formulae allow preserving and protecting the effective properties of essential oils, saturated fats and active herbal ingredients. Carolina e Edoardo contains no synthetic additives, cleans gently, foams well, does not dry or irritate sensitive baby skin. The soap contains acacia honey, known for its soothing properties, officinal calendula and noble almond protein.

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