Nesti Dante Fruit Soap - Lemon and bergamot  Nesti Dante Fruit Soap - Red grapes  Nesti Dante Fruit Soap - Fig and almond milk
Nesti Dante Fruit Soap - Peach and melon  Nesti Dante Fruit Soap - Olive And Tangerine  Nesti Dante Fruit Soap - Pomegranate and blackcurrant

Nesti Dante Fruit soap

Fruit series absorbed fruits and summer sun fragrances to give you a great mood and enjoyment. Fig and almond milk perfectly moisten the skin. Lemon and bergamot give liveliness and freshness. Pomegranate and black currants tone and nourish the skin. Red grapes charge for the day. Peach and melon take off the weariness and bad mood. Olive oil combined with tangerine has useful microelements that are essential for the skin Nesti Dante Il Frutteto soap contains natural oils and extracts. In cause of this, fragrances of this soap is true and naturals, fragrances of real mother nature.

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